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  • Tijuana Car Rental

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    Car Rental Tijuana

    Tijuana is an important cultural, economic, and tourist hub in Mexico. The city is also famous for its vibrant nightlife, delicious cuisine, beautiful beaches, historic center, and its multicultural atmosphere. Additionally, Tijuana is well-known for its significant maquiladora industry, which is dedicated to manufacturing products for exportation. In essence, Tijuana is a unique city, full of contrasts, and offers a wide range of tourist attractions, cultural experiences, and economic opportunities. Whether your destination is Tijuana or somewhere in Southern California, having a car at your disposal will make transportation more convenient and cost-effective than other forms of travel. Veico Car Rental in Tijuana provides you with the best experience at genuinely affordable prices.

    Why Choose Veico Car Rental?

    At Veico Car Rental Tijuana, our prices include unlimited kilometers, necessary insurance coverage, and taxes, ensuring you will never pay more than the agreed-upon price. We guarantee your reservation, so you can trust that your car will be ready upon your arrival without the inconveniences that often occur with other car rental companies. Additionally, we prioritize your safety and comfort by offering a modern fleet of rental cars in Tijuana.

    Our transparent pricing and commitment to customer satisfaction set us apart in the car rental market. With Veico, you’ll enjoy a hassle-free experience without unpleasant surprises, allowing you to explore Tijuana and its surroundings with the peace of mind that comes with reliable and high-quality service. Reserve with us and discover why we are one of the top choices for car rentals in Tijuana.

    Unlock the full potential of your Tijuana adventure with Veico Car Rental. Embrace unlimited kilometers, transparent pricing, and a top-notch fleet of vehicles.

    Car Rental Tijuana

    Exploring Tijuana and its Surroundings

    Tijuana is a tourist destination that has much to offer. Its delicious gastronomy is one of its main attractions, with a wide variety of typical dishes such as carne asada tacos, seafood, and birria, to name a few. Visitors can explore local markets and taste different dishes at the city’s restaurants.

    Moreover, Tijuana has many cultural options for those who wish to learn more about the region. The Tijuana Cultural Center, also known as CECUT, features art and cultural exhibitions, a theater, a cinema, and an aquarium. Avenida Revolución is the main street in Tijuana’s tourist area, where you can find shops, restaurants, and bars, making it a popular place for strolling.

    If you want to explore the surroundings, there are several options for a road trip from Tijuana. Just 20 minutes away is Rosarito Beach, famous for its beaches and surfing waves. The Valle de Guadalupe, a wine region an hour east of Tijuana, is another popular option, where you can enjoy local wines and regional cuisine.

    If you wish to visit Southern California, there are many popular places you can explore on a day trip from Tijuana. San Diego, La Jolla, Palm Springs, Los Angeles, Disneyland, and Universal Studios are some of the attractions you can visit.

    Tijuana is a tourist destination that offers a wealth of attractions. Enjoy them at your own pace and affordably with Veico Car Rental in Tijuana.

    Frequently Asked Questions about Car Rental

    How much does it cost to rent a car in Tijuana?

    The prices depend on the type of car, the season, and the duration of the rental. For an economy car in low season, you can expect to pay between MXN$850 to MXN$1,100 per day. Please note that substantially lower prices advertised by competitors may not include insurance, which you may have to pay when picking up the car.

    What are the requirements for renting a car?

    The requirements for renting a car are a valid driver’s license, additional official identification (INE or passport), proof of address, and a credit card. Foreign visitors who have arrived in Mexico within the last 180 days are not required to provide proof of address.

    Can I cross to the United States with a rented car in Tijuana?

    If you rent a car in Tijuana and want to take it to San Diego or another point in Southern California or the United States, it is possible. However, you need to inform the company at the time of signing the contract. You will also need to purchase additional coverage to drive in the United States.

    How much is the deposit to rent a car?

    Deposits differ based on car type and rental company, ranging from MXN$8000 to MXN$16,000 at Veico Car Rental. Ensure rental companies have a written deposit policy to avoid arbitrary charges for additional insurance. Amounts mentioned are for Tijuana car rentals; they may vary in other cities.

    Do you provide service at Tijuana Airport?

    Yes, our office is located just minutes from Tijuana Airport, and we offer free shuttle service between the terminal and our facilities.

    Veico Car Rental Review

    Best Car Rental in Tijuana Ojalá rentar autos en otros lados fuera tan sencillo como en Veico. Con precios bajos, sin engaños y carros de primera. Espero pronto estén en más ciudades.

    Eric Rendón

    Renta de Autos 5 Estrellas en Tijuana Empresa super profesional, aquí si te respetan el precio y no te quedan mal con el coche que reservas. Ya comprobé que al final en Veico siempre pago menos.

    Silvia Pacheco

    Five Stars Car Rental Excelente servicio. Te explican a detalle las condiciones del contrato y las características del coche. Sin presiones para comprar seguros adicionales.

    Miguel Cano

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