Todo Incluido. Sin Cargos Ocultos

All-Inclusive Car Rental

Branded Fares

Now Veico Car Rental offers you a family of ALL INCLUSIVE fares, which will allow you to customize your trip and obtain great savings and other benefits.

Benefits20% Off Classic Rate 10% Off Classic Rate Our Traditional Low Price
ProteccionesStandard Coverage IncludedStandard Coverage IncludedStandard Coverage Included
Advance PurchaseUp to 28 days Up to 2 days Available at All Times
FlexibilityNo Changes. No RefundsRefund and changes up to 48 hours before pick-up Refund and changes up to 24 hours before pick-up
Form of PaymentPrepayment Required (By Phone or Online)Prepayment Required (By Phone or Online)Prepayment Required (By Phone or Online)

All our rates include the same great benefits:

Standard Coverage:

Third Party Liability

Damage & Theft Coverage (10% deductible)


Unlimited Mileage

All applicable taxes

All Inclusive Car Rental

Optional Coverages

Do you require additional protection? For customers who want even greater protection, we have two optional protection packages. With our Superior Protection (5% deductible) and Total Protection (0% deductible), you get additional benefits so that you travel with an absolute peace of mind. Any of these protections can be contracted in conjunction with any rate you have selected.

Protection Comparison:

(Included in all rates)



Third Party Liability

100,000 MXN
2,000,000 MNX2,000,000 MXN

10% Deductible5% Deductible0% Deductible

10% Deductible5% Deductible0% Deductible

Premium Roadside Assistance

Medical Coverage

Glass and Windshield Coverage

Additional Driver

Veico Car Rental does not condition the delivery of the car to the purchase of additional products, services or optional coverages. In addition, we have a clear and affordable escrow policy. For more details and applicable conditions see our Terms of Use.